How Do We Do It?


The Loving Light is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing free dental care and treatment, education, as well as oral hygiene supplies to communities in need within North Carolina and abroad. 

It is clear that oral health is a major factor in the overall health of individuals.  Therefore, it is the objective of The Loving Light is to provide free dental services to those in need and at-risk populations. 

 Our primary focus are: retirement homes, low-income families, single-parent homes, veterans, the uninsured, children, and minority communities within the RDU area, to cater to each resident’s individual oral health needs as well as to educate them overall on how to maintain oral hygiene.  The Loving Light also fundraises to travel yearly to other countries like Colombia in urban/rural areas where the dental health need is great and there are a great percentage poor people who cannot afford oral care.  We examine and record the specific dental needs of each person.  Then, we schedule a day to come with a fully equipped dental bus to provide the free dental treatment (cleanings, x-rays, extractions, surgery, fillings, implants, dentures, etc.) specialized to each person.  Our team on that day will consist of a dentist, hygienists, assistants, and volunteers.  Each patient will be assigned a dental plan and if possible, biyearly check-ups/cleanings, and if necessary, additional services to whomever is in need of follow-up or continuation of treatment.

 The Loving Light also will train patients on how to care for and keep up dental health in order to match their oral health plan.  Our nonprofit plans on connecting each community or individual reached with a free supply of fluoride toothpaste (for patients who still have natural teeth), anti-septic mouthwash, electric toothbrushes (for elderly with arthritis-which can make brushing/flossing difficult)/toothbrushes, etc.  Your oral hygiene is extremely vital to overall health, which makes this program all the more important.